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About Le Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand

Grand Jules Norman was launched in Paris in 1845 and is still a beloved fortune-telling in France.

Fortune-telling with 54 cards, which is completely different from 36 Petil Normans, is a slightly quirky fortune-telling in which 7 to 8 symbols are drawn on one card and read in combination.

Although it was imported in the 1970s, it shed light on the fortune-telling that had not been available in Japanese for a long time, translated it and published it at its own expense . , We supervise fortune-telling contents and give lectures.

It is no exaggeration to say that this card deck is Greek mythology, and it has other elements of alchemy, flowers, constellations, French culture, and card fortune-telling.

For more information on Grand Jul Norman, click the link below.

You can try it for free with Yahoo fortune-telling.

It is also released in Rakuten fortune-telling where you can use Rakuten points ✨

[One and only] Opening up an era of chaos

Grand Journe Lenormand Card Bijou

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