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Dragon Bijou Session

Dragon Bijou Session by Red Mage Bijou is an online fortune-telling appraisal.

* Currently held irregularly.
As a comprehensive appraisal, we use various tools according to the question in order to fortune-telling from various directions.

Beginning with fortune-telling using Grand Jur Norman, Tarot, Runeborn, etc., using the horoscope's annual luck, aura reading, words of guardian spirits and guiding spirits, and spiritual ability to convey the feelings of the deceased and pets, customers' worries We will verbalize the original and seek solutions.
If you unravel them using the cards as a medium, you will find that you did not notice it.
In addition to the content of the initial consultation, if another problem is found during the appraisal, we will talk about how to lead to a fundamental solution.

Please apply for an appraisal to reconsider yourself.

And let's have a strategy meeting together.

Rouge Mage Bijou Profile

Red Mage Bijou

(Akamadoshi Bijou)

Fortune-teller, Grand Julor Norman researcher, French translator, psychic

Appraisal history about 30 years

"Red Mage" is from a famous RPG.

He also uses white magic + black magic + a little sword, and although it is useful in the early stages, the characteristic of not taking him to the last boss strangely matches the person, so he decided to call himself as a profession.

While enrolling in the vocal music department of the University of Music and taking up positions such as singer activity, web designer, and corporate public relations, the fortune-telling appraisal that started from the childhood of elementary school students always continues as a side job.

When he unified his profession as a fortune-teller, he made up his mind to turn his hair red and cut off the way back to a regular job.

I like French culture / history, Edo Yoshiwara culture / customs, Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and all kinds of creatures.

The catch phrase is " I like red more than bullfighting "

"Fortune-telling" + "Psychic" + "Counseling" = Comprehensive Appraisal ∴ Named Dragon Bijou Session, an extraordinary appraisal session unique to Bijou is held online. * Currently held irregularly

For business trip appraisals, individual appraisals, telephone appraisals, fortune-telling course instructors, and work requests, please contact us from the contact page.

Appraisal fee is 30 minutes / 7,000 yen

In addition, a lecture on Grand Jul Norman is also held.

Separate consultation for spiritual matters such as ghost / accident property investigations

Fortune-telling: (as of April 2022)

Life: Grimoire Astrology / Numerology: Grand Journe Lenormand Card / Tarot Card / Rune / Lenormand Card / Geomancy  / Dowsing /
Surgery: Western Palmistry Spirituality: Channeling / Aura Reading / Various Spiritual Readings / Previous Life Readings
Others: Gemstone Consultation / Fragrance Oil Blend


・ Grand Jeu De Mlle Lenormand manual translation

・ "Grand Julor Norman Life Counseling" is now being published on Mu Plus.

・ Supervised by "Grimoire Astrology Bijou" at major fortune-telling sites, and is now being distributed.

・ Supervised by the mobile site "Red Mage Bijou" and is now being distributed.

・ Smartphone app ≪Red Mage Bijou≫ Supervised by fortune-telling letters to give to you, now being delivered

・ SBS radio "Tetsuzaki Mikito's WASABI" is appearing in the W file.

・ Mu debuts in the May 2020 issue

・ Fortune-telling magazine corner article writing, serialized on fortune-telling information site

・ Other WEB programs, talk event guests, fortune-telling event appearances

・ Voice actor x monthly Mu event "Mu x Mixa" appearance

・ A dialogue between the witch doctor Kirindo and the "visible person" is being delivered on the YOUTUBE Yumegenki channel.

・ Lecturer of Grand Jules Norman's fortune-telling lecture at "Mysterious University" sponsored by Fortuna Moon led by Professor Hayes Nakamura.


From his long experience as a web designer and advertising designer, he undertakes paper media design for special professions.

Good at beautiful decoration and gorgeous image design.

Self-proclaimed vampire.

* Since allergies to sunlight are severe, we may refuse requests or work during the summer months.

For work requests, other questions, consultations, etc., please contact us from the inquiry form of Contact.

"Rouge Mage" in alphabetical notation is "Mage Rouge" in the correct French, but please note that the order of RM is important.


MU Plus


[Grand Julor Norman Life Counseling]

Japan's longest-established occult magazine "Monthly Mu"

Life consultation using Grand Jules Norman is being posted on the WEB version of Mu Plus!

We answer all kinds of consultations with the charm of Grand Jules Norman.

Please enjoy the French spirit and a little loose painting.

2021-02-05 (4).png

Grand Jeu de Le Normand


[One and only] Opening up an era of chaos

[Grand Jul Norman Card Bijou]

At Yahoo fortune-telling

Supervised content is being delivered

The supervisor himself translates the cards born in the era of confusion in France!

Please enjoy French fortune-telling with free fortune-telling 🌹

[ Yahoo fortune-telling ]

[ Rakuten fortune-telling ]

2021-02-05 (3).png

l'astrologie du G rimoire


[Grimoire Astrology]

At a major fortune-telling site

Supervising content is being delivered 🌹

Please try the slightly chilling fortune-telling that combines Western astrology and spellbooks!

[ Yahoo fortune-telling ]

[ Rakuten fortune-telling ]

* Basically the same fortune-telling, but each company has its own original menu, so please try it.


Red Mage Bijou

[ Red Mage Bijou ]
Dedicated mobile site is now being delivered 🐲
You can enjoy daily fortune-telling, monthly fortune-telling, and tarot oracle for 324 yen per month.
You can also tell your future whereabouts from various fortune-telling menus.

The 6-day intensive appraisal is for those who really want to get married, such as a method to improve their marriage power and teaching the key to marriage.

In the ultra-high precision appraisal, we will dig deeper, meet, and focus on the feelings of the other party.

Please take a look at the beautiful site created with the atmosphere of Bijou.


letter for you

≪Red Mage Bijou≫ Fortune-telling for a letter to you

It is a smartphone app for android only.


・ [Free delivery] You will receive a message from Bijou for about 2 months.

・ [Fate Appraisal] Your seal

・ [Updated daily] Today's fortune

・ [Updated monthly] Fortune of this month


Thanks to you, it has been well received!

You can download it for free, so please enjoy it ♪

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