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What's about Ancient Memory Oils


Ancient Memory Oil is an aroma oil that supports your wishes.
The fragrance oil is condensed with the power of nature such as herbs, stones and flowers, and contains the mysterious power carefully prepared by LA-based healer Miss Donna.
It is said that it supports the person who owns it by pouring gentle and deep energy into the mental and physical aspects, gives abundant inspiration, and guides the wish to come true.
By believing in your potential and having a strong sense of purpose, the magical power of nature will surely lead you in the right direction.
Destiny begins to move from the day you have it.
The point is to put yourself in a place close to you as much as possible and put yourself in the scent of oil.
Human emotions have a mysterious power to naturally attract that image.
It works well as a medium, so please use it while imagining your own success.
I'm sure your wish will come true.

The method of oil choice for Red Mage Bijou is dowsing.
Based on your wishes, we will ask you about your color preference and your favorite atmosphere, and blend 3 to 4 types of oil that has been turned by dowsing.

Prices start from 4,000 yen for small bottles. There are various refills and suggested items to use.
For more information, please contact us from the inquiry form.

Usage notes


* Ancient memory oil may contain ingredients that are not good for your skin depending on the type, so wash it off as soon as it gets on your skin.
* Not cosmetics / pharmaceuticals / foods
* Effects vary from person to person and do not guarantee a specific effect.
* Keep out of reach of infants and pets to prevent accidental ingestion.
* Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water.
* If it adheres to painted surfaces such as clothing, furniture, and floors, it may cause discoloration and stains.
* This product is flammable, so please be careful about fire.
* After use, close the lid tightly and store in a cool and dark place as much as possible.

* Refined oils can be poisonous to cats.

Bijou think about  Oils


[What is Bijou's idea of Ancient Memory Oil?]

Have you ever experienced it? "Oh, this scent at that time!"
The scent is directly linked to the memory, and by smelling the scent, you may remember the scene you forgot or relive the old memory. In other words, I want you to smell this oil when you have a lot of fun or when you feel happy.
So is the method proposed by Miss Donna. By remembering the goals and scents you envisioned in a relaxed and comfortable space, your brain will connect the scent of oil to the fulfillment of your desires. Remember yourself when you have a hard time, when you want to do your best, and when you want to smell the scent of oil. "Memory oil" is an oil that acts on memory.
May I help you with your wishes and happiness with the oil I have guided you through dowsing.

Red Mage Bijou

How to use the Ancient Memory Oils

[How to use the healer "Miss Donna" with guidance]

1.   Ring the beautiful sounding bells and glass once to purify the room.
   Close your eyes and focus on your heart.
   Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and hold your breath for a second. Do this 3 times.
   Focus on the purpose in your head and think of a realistic purpose.
   Add 11 drops of memory oil to a cotton ball and put it in a glass bowl. At that time, let's say the purpose and wishes aloud.
   Write down the purpose on a piece of paper and place it under a bowl of cotton balls.
7. 7.
   Make a switch to your feelings about achieving your goals. Decide how to switch yourself (clapping your hands three times, etc.)
8. 8.
   Let's leave the rest to the universe. Don't force yourself to make a way to that goal. Expecting too fast results can overwhelm your goals.
   Open your heart to all the good intentions in the world.
   After about a month, you'll notice signs that your wish has come true. Please enjoy the scent patiently without being impatient.

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